8'' TND-SD8 DTH Hammer

WOOKE hammers are purpose-matched for all rock types and applications where high performance and low total cost per drill meter are the main criteria. 
The standard design is a suitable choice for production drilling in quarries, shallow water well drilling, and underground blast hole drilling. 
Our DTH hammers provide the most versatile and cost-effective rock drilling method.



          As a specialist manufacturer and provider of DTH drilling tools, hereby we recommend our newest generation DTH hammer which is improved by absorbing art technology, selecting superior alloy steel, and robust design. It is proved by more than thousands times of tests that our newest DTH hammer has a longer life,  lower air consumption, and 15% higher penetration speed compared to the conventional DTH hammer in the market. In addition, it can work at the air pressure from 6 Bar to 35 Bar(0.6~ 3.5Mpa). At last, we developed various type of DTH hammer which can be compatible with DHD, COP, QL, MISSION, and SD shank of DTH bits and performs very well. Therefore, the newest generation DTH Hammer is very popular among our customers and has a good market share as soon as it is launched in the market.



          Choosing the right hammer is largely determined by the type of application, hole size, and type of rock formation. Ideally, the size of the hammer should match the required hole dimension as closely as possible, leaving just enough space for cuttings to evacuate the hole efficiently.

          WOOKE hammers are purpose-matched for all rock types and applications where high performance and low total cost per drill meter are the main criteria. The standard design is a suitable choice for production drilling in quarries, shallow water well drilling, and underground blast hole drilling.




  1. 1. The multiple threads are CNC machined to achieve a high level of accuracy allowing ease of breakout and makeup of Drive Chuck.
  2. 2. The Drive Chuck is heat-treated to maximize the life and maximize drill bit life.
  3. 3. Hammer front structure design: When pulling out the hammer, the last impact of the piston would fall on the step of the piston case, ensuring the safety of the driver sub splines and the retainer ring.
  4. 4. Piston case is made of superior alloy steel to provide the longest service life possible.
  5. 5. Heat treats piston and internal cylinder guiding system is reasonably structured to achieve the highest efficiency and the largest impacting power. The penetration speed is 10%-30% faster than other products of the same specification
  6. 6. TND optimized structure design: Fewer air holes on the internal cylinder, higher stiffness of air slot.
  7. 7. Standard API Thread.
  8. 8. Fine CNC machining tolerance and specifications coupled with quality assembly lead to great reliability and performance




► Top sub with cement carbide button (Alternative).



►In order to increase the working life of the piston case when drilling very abrasive rocks, the driver sub is designed to be made up of three pieces and only the wear-proof casing needs to be replaced timely.