WK56 DTH Hammer

WOOKE hammers are purpose-matched for all rock types and applications where high performance and low total cost per drill meter are the main criteria. 
The standard design is a suitable choice for production drilling in quarries, shallow water well drilling, and underground blast hole drilling. 
Our DTH hammers provide the most versatile and cost-effective rock drilling method.



Eye-catching hammer is coming:

          As a specialist manufacturer and provider of DTH drilling tools, hereby we recommend our newest generation DTH hammer which is improved by absorbing art technology, selecting superior alloy steel, and robust design. It is proved by more than thousands times of tests that our newest DTH hammer has a longer life,  lower air consumption, and 15% higher penetration speed compared to the conventional DTH hammer in the market. Our Wooke Series 6'' high-frequency hammer (patented) is the money-saver for the new drilling era, with outstanding features in air-saving, penetration, longevity and reliability. Excellent performance in both "soft" ground and "hard formation" in terms of ROP.



          Choosing the right hammer is largely determined by the type of application, hole size, and type of rock formation. Ideally, the size of the hammer should match the required hole dimension as closely as possible, leaving just enough space for cuttings to evacuate the hole efficiently.

          WOOKE hammers are purpose-matched for all rock types and applications where high performance and low total cost per drill meter are the main criteria. The standard design is a suitable choice for production drilling in quarries, shallow water well drilling, and underground blast hole drilling.





1. Reliable bit retainer system, bit won't drop and rupture in complex geological conditions.


2. Driver Sub is heat-treated to achieve better abrasiveness and longer life.


3. Two-start thread driver sub is easier to be removed and installed.


4. Short and thick shank, for better energy transmission and less strain and stress during impact.

Working efficiency is improved and cost-in-use is reduced.


5. Piston case: Using superior alloy steel, even better reliability and longer life after heat treatment.


6. Hardened piston after heat treatment, optimized orientating system between the piston and internal cylinder helps to achieve the best impacing efficiency and power output. The penetration rate is 20%-30% faster than products of the sam specification supplied by competitors.


7. Wooke optimized structure design: Fewer air holes on the internal cylinder, higher stiffness of air slot.


8. Internal parts are tightly assembled to avoid interactive wear and the hammer's reliability is increased.


9. The patented air cycling technology helps pistons to gain super high accelerating impact energy.


10. Impacting frequency improved by30% of the same specification products. Even better performance in the soft and medium-hard rock formation. The penetration rate is guaranteed in hard rock as well.


11. All moving parts are processed with special technology of metal treatmetn, to sustain the reliability throughout the hammer's whole working life.


12. Our designer created this hammer of high frequesncy, high performance, and high reliability, which is optimized-structured and convenient of mataince, to achieve the hammer's efficiency to the fullest.





WOOKE Series DTH Hammers Highlights:


► Cost saving: Proved 1-2 more holes / shift.


► Fuel Saving: Higher air pressure held under the same air supplied, less air consumption.


► Air pressure holding: Constant air maintained during entire drilling life.


► Longevity: Generally 4000-15000 meters depending on soft or hard ground.